How To Audition

How To Audition


Your Contact Details

The video process is quite hectic and demanding.  We would prefer to work with individuals that are easy to reach, making the process of scheduling a bit easier on us and the rest of the cast/crew.  We will work with people directly through our Facebook group ( but having proper contact details is helpful. 

Nameyour full name
Phoneyour phone number

Your Audition Tape or Demo Reel

This can be a simple link to your demo reel (experienced actors) or a simple cellphone VIDEO recording of you saying a few select lines from the script in question.  This does not have to be fancy or well shot/edited...  we simply need to see that you are comfortable being on camera.

Video Linklink to audition video

- or -

Upload Videoupload
Which Role?what role are you auditioning for?
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* Even if you are not chosen for the specific role in question.  We may reach out if we feel you would be perfect for another role.

Your Required Compensation

Please keep in mind that most of the projects are low budget and many people help for free but our clients are willing to compensate actors (etc.) occasionally if you are perfect for the spot.  Most shoots will only last a few hours but more complex shoots may take a weekend.  Please let us know what you would need for a typical day shoot.

Compensationhow much do you charge?

Additional Comments

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know!

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