Remax Commercial 1

Logline: A new and ambitious Remax agent (Ned) is told to combine his strengths and passions in order to succeed at his new position and sell more houses.  Ned combines his love of hockey (goalie) to his new position and takes things a bit too far!


Nathaniel (Ned) Brida: (already cast)

Ned is an ambitious agent with a heart of gold and injects serious amounts of passion into the things that he loves, maybe too much at times.

Ned will use "over the top" hockey puns when talking to potential buyers about the houses he is showing....

Example:  Ned will refer to the left and right sides of the room as the "stick side" and the "glove side"...​

Example:  Instead of having free coffee and donuts during his open house... he will have gatorade bottles, beers and smelling salts. 

Nice Couple Interested In Buying House: (Not Cast)

Our nice young couple (accompanied by rambunctious daughter) are interested in purchasing their first home and find it quite difficult to deal with the "goalie" side of Ned.

The couple are introduced to Ned as he blocks their entrance into the driveway in a ridiculous flourish of goalie moves and saves.

They do their absolute best to deal with Ned's antics but are pushed too far when Ned gets into a fight with their daughter.

Daughter: (Already Cast)... Rambunctious 11yr old that is told to go out back and throw a ball against the wall as she is being a bother to the viewing experience.  This action triggers Ned to make "sick saves" as the daughter throws the ball and ends in a hockey style fight. 

Hockey Buyers: (Not Cast)... The climactic (cliffhanger) ending will involve two (tough looking) hockey players that are introduced to Ned in the same way as our nice couple, but immediately park the car and pull their own equipment out of the trunk, preparing for war!


Therapist: (Not Cast)... May be the person to tell Ned that he needs to combine his strengths and passions?  We may also use a simple website scenario or a "self help" book.  


Therapist's office... Ned lying on bed being told by pipe smoking, cliche therapist, how he can be a success by combining his strengths and passions.... this may also be replaced by a "motivation mp3" that Ned listens to in his car.

Couple's Arrival... The camera follows the POV of our couple as they attempt to enter the driveway to a Remax listing. They are forced to a screeching halt as Ned in full gear blocks them from entering "his area" of the driveway.  The couple tries to move to the right and to the left but Ned makes ridiculous goalie "saves" to keep the couple from entering.  They must eventually back out and park on the road.

Couple's Viewing... Ned will use a bunch of cliche hockey puns when showing the couple around the house, which makes the entire process confusing... Our couple starts out open-minded but is pushed to moderate frustration as the viewing progresses.  

Couple's Viewing Gets Aggressive... Ned will show the sturdiness of the construction by checking the father into walls and door frames in increasing aggressiveness.  This will end with Ned actually checking the father through the wall at one point!

Ned Fights The Daughter... The couple's rambunctious daughter is told to go outside and play as she is making the viewing even more difficult.  Ned notices the daughter throwing a ball against the wall, which triggers him into absolute goalie mode.  He runs outside and begins to make saves very aggressively, which ends in an argument and hockey style fight.  This pushes the couple too far and they grab their daughter and leave.

New Potential Buyers... Ned is noticeably defeated as he hears another car approaching... he gets into "his area" of the driveway and awaits the next viewers... Two large and intimidating men exit the car as Ned blocks their entrance.  The two men with the same determined looks on their faces as Ned move to the trunk and begin putting on their own equipment.. preparing for the battle!...  We are left on a cliffhanger as Ned may have met his match.